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Senior Care Can Help When Dealing With Macular Degeneration In Greater Hartford, CT

Aug 23, 2018 by Maria Ciannavei

Find out how senior care helps those with age-related macular degeneration in Greater Hartford, CT

According to the National Eye Institute, the primary cause of vision loss in American seniors is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There is no cure for AMD and the vision loss is permanent. There is good news, however. With early diagnosis and intervention, AMD-related vision loss can be slowed or stopped.

Since age-related macular degeneration is painless and generally progresses slowly, too many seniors mistake their deteriorating vision as a normal part of aging. As a result, they do not receive treatment until it is too late. This is one of the reasons that annual vision checks are so important for seniors.

Not caught and treated early, AMD can lead to a loss of driving license, increase fall risks, and difficulty completing daily living tasks. In these instances, senior care can help seniors maintain their independence while safely residing in the comfort of their own home. Comfort Keepers offers a full complement of senior care services ranging from light housekeeping and laundry to local transportation, shopping and errand support, medication management, and even a fall risk analysis to improve in-home safety.

While the primary risks for AMD are age and genetics, there are things seniors can do to decrease the likelihood of macular degeneration. For example, seniors can stop smoking, increase exercise, eat eye-healthy foods, and wear quality sunglasses.

Smoking is linked to myriad negative health outcomes and increases the risk of AMD by 200 percent. Conversely, eating foods such as dark-green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts, and fruits; controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight, and wearing eyewear that blocks UV rays decrease the risk of AMD-related vision loss.

For more information about age-related macular degeneration or to learn about the many ways Comfort Keepers senior care can improve the quality of your senior loved one's elder years, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

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