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In Home Care For Senior Drivers In Greater Hartford, CT

Aug 9, 2018 by Maria Ciannavei

Learn how in home care can help seniors navigate Greater Hartford, CT even after driving is no longer possible

From the time they were teenagers, most seniors enjoyed the freedom that came with a driver's license and the thought of giving it up is frightening. Studies show that seniors associate the loss of a driver's license with the loss of freedom, independence, and their quality of life. While some seniors are not able to drive due to medical complications or age-related degeneration, tens of millions of American seniors still fill the nation's roadways. Let's look at a few things seniors can do to maximize their safety when driving.

  1. Exercise. A limited range of motion or loss of strength can be very dangerous when driving a vehicle. Drivers, regardless of their age, need to be able to maintain a proper driving posture, turn the wheel, shift gears, and turn their head to check for traffic. Regular exercise helps seniors maintain the strength, endurance, and flexibility needed to drive safely. Tai Chi and yoga are both excellent, low-impact options that combine both strength and flexibility into a single workout.
  2. Annual checkups. Proper vision and hearing are essential to safe driving and most seniors over the age of 65 have experiences a noticeable decline in both. Thankfully, when identified and treated early, even severe issues can typically be managed. Most vision and hearing problems can be addressed through glasses or hearing aids, respectively.
  3. Planning. Many seniors have difficulty driving at night. Others need frequent breaks to stretch or go to the bathroom. Planning trips and routes with these issues in mind can keep seniors from running into frustrating or dangerous situations.
  4. Upgrade. Vehicle safety and technology continues to improve. Upgrading a vehicle can make a huge difference for many seniors. Modern cars and trucks come with standard backup cameras, proximity alerts, voice activated controls, stability and breaking assistance, and so forth. Drivers and their passengers are also surrounded by many airbags and other safety features.

Even if a senior does lose the ability to drive for a time or permanently loses their license, all is not lost. In fact, with Comfort Keepers in home care, seniors can easily maintain their daily routine and high quality of life.

Comfort Keepers in home care certainly offers a wide range of housekeeping and personal care supports, but they also offer help running errands, shopping assistance, and safe local transportation. With Comfort Keepers, seniors can continue to keep social engagements, get back and forth to their appointments, and maintain the freedom that they love.

For more information about senior driving or to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers in home care can help seniors maximize the quality of their elder years, contact a senior home care coordinator today.

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