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Taking Care of Your Senior After Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Jul 5, 2018 by Mark McGoldrick

Learn how investing in a personal care assistant will help your senior loved one recover from surgery

Getting better from a knee or hip replacement surgery is a challenging task for any senior. But, luckily, friends and family can help them go through this process. If you’re going to be a personal care assistant to your senior loved one, then take a look at our tips for better home care.

Arranging a Recovery Room

After coming home from the hospital, your senior should be situated in a recovery room. Ideally, the room should be on the first floor of their home. It should also be fully equipped and have a high quality bed, pillows, linens, crutches, toiletries and a bedside commode if needed.

Thinking About Their Medications

As a personal care assistant, you must think about your senior’s medications. Otherwise, they will probably forget to take them as prescribed. We suggest you meet with your senior’s doctor prior to a surgery. That way you’ll know when they need to take medications.

Monitoring Wound

A knee or hip replacement recovery includes monitoring wound. That way, swelling, and inflammation could be noticed in time. You will also need to change dressings and bring bandages and other medical supplies to your senior whenever they need it.

Doing Chores

It’s a good idea to help your senior with household chores - laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, etc. That way, your senior won’t have to worry about it, and will be able to completely focus on recovery.

Visiting Doctor’s Regularly

Your older loved one will have to visit their doctor on a regular basis. So, one more way to help them is to provide transportation to those appointments.

Encouraging Rehab and Exercises

The last tip we have is to be a source of inspiration to your senior loved one. If their physical therapist has prescribed a rehabilitation plan and exercises, they need to follow through with that. Otherwise, their recovery may slow down.

Being a personal care assistant to someone that recovers from a knee or hip replacement surgery takes much time, patience, and effort. If you want only the best for your loved one, you might want to consider hiring a caregiver. A caregiver can give your senior care and support they need on a full-time, part-time, or even 24-hour basis.

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